We are happy to announce that Nixpal OÜ has released Zonecloud DNS Cluster to the public! This public release is going to test the stability and the various needs of our customers.

After thorough and extensive testing we released version 2.4-Beta of Zonecloud DNS Cluster application today. 

While we are mainly focused on EL systems (CentOS – RHEL – CloudLinux 6.x, 7.x, 8.x), this release also supports Debian, Ubuntu and FreeBSD

We would be more than happy if you take a look, test drive, use it and report bugs or features back! For this reason and to celebrate this milestone, we created a free two-month trial for testing. After the testing period all beta/testing licenses can be renewed for ever at half price.


What is Zonecloud?

Zonecloud is an DNS Cluster application that synchronizes zones between web servers and DNS servers no matter what operating system or panel is installed on the web servers. It uses the Bind’s master/slave feature transferring zones from any web server that runs Bind to Bind DNS servers.

It can run on cPanel servers, DirectAdmin servers, Plesk, Virtualmin, ISPConfig, and generally on any web server that runs BIND and creates a unified DNS Cluster on Multi / Mixed hosting environments. 


Zonecloud allows you to have your own DNS Cluster and also gives you some advantages like:

  • Supports any panel that uses BIND like cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, Virtualmin etc.
  • Easily transfer accounts / domains from one server to another without downtime
  • Exclude domains from cluster / server (for testing, migrations or transfers)
  • Duplicate domains protection
  • Logging Facility (On controller and local syslog)
  • Low Bandwidth Consumption
  • Security focused. IP & Token authentication. No open ports no firewall troubles
  • No limit on Agents, Nodes or zones.
  • Easy setup (RPM and DEB packages) and easy to use config file


You can try it by getting a trial license at or drop us a ticket at

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