Default cPanel installations now use PowerDNS instead of BIND. But the configuration remains the same.

The issue is how to transfer zones from cPanel PowerDNS to BIND nodes.


If you try to parse them you might fall into this:



To make it work and transfer zones:


You only need a few changes in /etc/pdns/pdns.conf to make it work:

On the top:

disable-axfr= no ,
And add DNS servers (Nodes) IPs to:
allow-axfr-ips ,
allow-notify-from and

Example pdns.conf, we use “” and as our DNS Node (Slave) servers




And that it’s. You can use PowerDNS at cPanel servers without switching to BIND if you don’t want to.

You may need to tweak your NOTIFY times or wait the default time when making changes to a zone.

Alternatively you can use “rndc reload domain.com” on the Nodes for faster zone change fetch.


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