Detailed Instructions for Zonecloud Controller

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We released detailed instruction for Controller setup using a minimal CentOS 8 installation. Of course Controller may run on any nginx or apache httpd server, shared hosting package or cloud.

These are instructions for CentOS 8 server using only Controller for anyone that wants Controller to be isolated in its own server.

Detailed Controller Instructions for CentOS/RHEL 8.x



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PowerDNS with BIND named.conf syntax

Tell PowerDNS to use your Bind Zone You need to edit your pdns.conf file, edit or add the following lines: launch=bind bind-config=/etc/named.conf bind-check-interval=300 Important notes

Zonecloud Controller v1.1.2 update

This version brings the following improvements to the Controller: Descriptive problem reporting on dashboard page Slack notifications RBL check bug fix (in certain setups) Zones