Things to do after installing Fedora 20/21 GNOME

Like Fedora Linux 21, it will be served in 3 flavors. Workstation, server and cloud. Because we are dumb and we don’t know to use yum install, groupinstall and repositories. Anyway,

What to expect with Fedora 22


Goodbye yum. No not exactly, we have DNF now. What’s that? YUM renamed, or else, the new version of yum but except using a new major version number they changed the name. Clever. At least “yum” will be a symlink because it will break any guide, tutorial, script, process out there. yikes.

Fedora 22 Beta released

Fedora 22 Beta was released this week, and final release is planned at the end of next month. This beta seems pretty solid , so if you are wondering what’s coming, check out the known common bugs list and install it to play around. Note that once you’ve got the beta running, regular updates will put you on track for the final release — you won’t need to reinstall again when stable comes.

Linux Kernel 4.0 available in Fedora 22 Beta

Version 4.0 of the Linux Kernel has been released. This updated version of the Linux Kernel is available in the official Fedora repositories for users running the alpha and now beta release of Fedora 22.

To get the updated version of the kernel on your Fedora 22 machine, either update the system via the Software application (in Fedora Workstation), or using dnf (yes forget yum) update on the command line.


GCC 5 is currently in stage4 – prerelease state with only regression bugfixes and documentation fixes allowed. The release will happen probably in the first half of April. Scratch rpms are at and test mass rebuild is in progress. Other distributions have performed test mass rebuilds already.

Wayland support

Don’t be confused with the Alien movie, I mean the X replacement.

At the moment, a user can choose to log in to a Wayland session from the login screen, but the login screen itself always runs on top of X. The point of this change is to change that, and make the login screen always run on a Wayland session. Fedora is steadily progressing toward the goal of replacing X uses with Wayland based uses instead. This is one step toward achieving that goal. The login session is sufficiently isolated and contained, that it makes an ideal first place to put Wayland by default. There should be little to no user visible impact with this change. Ideally the user won’t be able to tell the difference between the login screen running on X versus the login screen running on Wayland.

GNOME 3.16

Notable additions or changes to the GNOME user experience in 3.16 include:

  • New notification UI, tracked separately here: Changes/GnomeShell_NewNotification
  • Nautilus UI improvements, tracked separately here: Changes/Nautilus_Improvements


What to expect with Fedora 22 other packages and upgrades

Any other package upgrades like perl, python, bind, atomichost etc released here


So in generally we are waiting a Fedora 21 upgrade with DNF and better wayland support plus any other bleeding edge technologies that are considered stable right now. Stay tuned.



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