Encryption to Cloud

Cloud application developers and independent software vendors can now have the same end-to-end encryption as platforms like Google Apps and Microsoft Outlook withVirtru’s newly launched Software Development Kit (SDK).

Announced late last week, the Virtru SDK provides lightweight, client libraries that enable end-to-end encryption to be seamlessly integrated with any Software-as-a-Service application in a matter of days.

The Virtru SDK provides an easy onramp to the Virtru Encryption-as-a-Service (EaaS) platform which includes key management, access control, and identity management. It also recently added hardware-backed encryption key support, allowing customers to choose the physical location of their keys.

With expanded regulatory pressures and highly publicized mega breaches making headlines, ISVs and SaaS providers are increasingly prioritizing end-to-end encryption.

“Our mission at Virtru is to make encryption so easy that everyone can protect their most sensitive information,” said Virtru Co-Founder and CTO Will Ackerly said in a statement. The SDK specifically makes it easier to embed end-to-end encryption capabilities into existing applications.

The Virtru SDK has been used by a document management plugin for Google Apps called AODocs, as well as a messaging app from Alt-N Technologies.

Many major email providers such as Google’s Gmail, as well as Deutsche Telekom and United Internet have unveiled initiatives around end-to-end encryption based around standards like PGP and GnuPG. Having an SDK available to add end-to-end encryption to cloud apps that handle all sorts of data and communications will help ensure end-users know exactly who has access to their information.

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