Announcing first Stable Release of Zonecloud DNS Clustering Platform

We are happy to announce that Nixpal OÜ has released Zonecloud DNS Cluster Stable to the public! This public release is production ready and mature enough.

After thorough and extensive testing we released a stable version of Zonecloud DNS Cluster application today.

While we are mainly focused on RPM Distributions (CentOS – RHEL …Read More

Introducing ZoneCloud

ZoneCloud, DNS Clustering for Web servers done right.
What is zonecloud?
ZoneCloud (or zCloud) is the very first panel agnostic and distribution independent solution. – It consists of three parts:

ZoneCloud Controller receives DNS records from your web servers  and pushes them to DNS servers (Nodes / zCloudNode).
ZoneCloud Agent The Agent …Read More

Bind DNS Mass / Bulk TTL and serial change and Mass rndc Reload

Bind DNS Mass / Bulk TTL and serial change and Mass RNDC Reload

You need to migrate, change IP or DNS but afraid of downtime and dns propagation ?

This is a quick way to change TTL on all zones and after that serials so you can reload all zones.

Changing TTL:
for a signle zone :

It will change the default 14400 (4 hours) TTL to …Read More