PowerDNS with BIND named.conf syntax

Tell PowerDNS to use your Bind Zone
You need to edit your pdns.conf file, edit or add the following lines:


Important notes are:

launch tells to use the bind backend
bind-config tells where the manifesto is
bind-check-interval tells to check the zones each 300 seconds, if you do a change you don’t need to restart …Read More


Making Zonecloud work with cPanel PowerDNS web servers

Default cPanel installations now use PowerDNS instead of BIND. But the configuration remains the same.

The issue is how to transfer zones from cPanel PowerDNS to BIND nodes.


If you try to parse them you might fall into this:



To make it work and transfer zones:


You only need a few changes in /etc/pdns/pdns.conf …Read More

Bind DNS Mass / Bulk TTL and serial change and Mass rndc Reload

Bind DNS Mass / Bulk TTL and serial change and Mass RNDC Reload

You need to migrate, change IP or DNS but afraid of downtime and dns propagation ?

This is a quick way to change TTL on all zones and after that serials so you can reload all zones.

Changing TTL:
for a signle zone :

It will change the default 14400 (4 hours) TTL to …Read More