Security Services

Linux Security Bundle

Nixpal provides a complete security plan that protects you and your service on multiple levels such as malicious attacks or possible points of failure. Since every customer is unique for us, we will examine your situation and offer you the best security option that meets your requirements!

Kernel Upgrades

The linux kernel is the heart of your operating system and consequently, the heart of your server. NixPal’s staff makes sure that your server’s linux kernel is always up to date and secure to prevent potential risks.

Security Audit

Do you think you are secure enough?  We can test it! Nixpal will examine your site using proprietary security auditing software. At the end you will have a very good aspect of your site’s security.

Compromise Recovery

Is your server compromised? Nixpal can help you with finding the culprit that brought you to this situation, patching it, recovering your system and making sure it won’t happen again.

Proactive Security Update Service

Your server needs to be protected 24/7. NixPal can help you by providing security updates so that you won’t have to worry about it.

Firewall solutions for maximum security

Is it a common vulnerability, a zero-day or a DoS attack? Nixpal has the solution with a three-tier solution that provides Site security, DoS protection and a state of the art network firewall.

DDoS attacks Mitigation

Nixpal offers you datacenter oriented solution to mitigate all those hard attacks for a safer and more stable site!