Custom Services & Application Development

Do you need something special? Something that is not available in the market? We can help you!

We know very well that systems administration sometimes needs a very good knowledge of different programming languages. Our team can support you in a wide range of programming languages and develop the server side parts of your application.

Nixpal is happy to be involved in a great new project! We can collaborate with you to develop your project from our side. Just ask us and surely we have the answer in you problem.

Analysis & Design

Are you starting a new project but you don’t know the specifications? Our team can help you determine the right tools to develop and deploy your application.

Custom Services

Every client is unique for us.
Tell us about your problem or your project and we will be happy to help you in every way we can!

Application Development

Nixpal can back you up with your project.
With the multiyear experience of our staff, we are certain that we can help you in the development of your project.

Server software Development

Nixpal can develop a client/server software for you implementing an already known protocol or developing a new one from scratch.