Bind DNS Mass / Bulk TTL and serial change and Mass rndc Reload

You need to migrate, change IP or DNS but afraid of downtime and dns propagation ?

This is a quick way to change TTL on all zones and after that serials so you can reload all zones.


Changing TTL:

for a signle zone :

It will change the default 14400 (4 hours) TTL to half an hour. You can edit 1800 to a lower number if you want like 600.

for all zones:


Now the “hard” part.

Changing serials.

On a perfect world serial is just a date. Syntax is year-month-day-2 more digits.

But a few systems doesn’t follow this rule. Anyway this example will change the serial to the date we have today.



You cal also use this command to bulk reload all zones in bind. As input I use /etc/localdomains that cPanel uses for its domains.

Other platforms may have another text files for this job. Replace if needed.


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